Thursday, July 02, 2009

Say WHAT?!

In 1981, Joe DiMaggio gave his opinion to Sports Illustrated on the escalation of salaries in major league baseball...

"If I were sitting down with George Steinbrenner (to discuss a salary) and based on what Dave Winfield got for his statistics, I'd have to say, 'George, you and I are about to become partners.'"

That quote came to mind upon reading that Mikhail Grabovski was signed to a three-year/$8.7 million contract to re-up with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Next summer, Nicklas Backstrom is going to sit down with Ted Leonsis and raise the possibility of a partnership, if this is what a 25-year old with one full season played in the NHL (48 points) -- the only one he's spent in Toronto -- and barely 100 games of NHL experience is getting.

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