Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Great Race

Well, tomorrow the great race for free agents begins, and Caps fans are no doubt wondering who from among the dozens of available unrestricted free agents they will pursue. Too many fans will be thinking of a high-profile free agent, or two . . . or three.

Bad move.

Why tie up payroll with one or two (or three) high profile free agents who will not be there when the Caps -- hopefully -- return to respectability?

Better to go for mid-range guys -- guys who can lead by example, guys with a work ethic, guys who can pass along the little things it takes to play hockey well. It isn't sexy, and it won't get the Caps to the playoffs this year, but it will put the team in better position to pursue free agents next year (in what promises to be a better class), and it will make the youngsters on whom the club is relying in the years to come better players.

-- The Peerless