Thursday, June 13, 2019

So...Who's Next?

Last season, the Washington Capitals won their first Stanley Cup in team history in what was their second trip to the Finals.  This season, the St. Louis Blues won their first Cup in what was their fourth trip to the Finals (congrats Blues Nation!).  It leaves ten franchises that have not yet won a Stanley Cup:

  • Buffalo Sabres: (2 finals/0 cups) 
  • Florida Panthers: (1/0) 
  • Nashville Predators: (1/0) 
  • Ottawa Senators: (1/0) 
  • San Jose Sharks: (1/0) 
  • Vegas Golden Knights: (1/0) 
  • Arizona Coyotes: (0/0) 
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: (0/0) 
  • Minnesota Wild: (0/0) 
  • Winnipeg Jets: (0/0)

Will any of these teams break through to make it three-for-three in first time Cup winners next season?  That is, if the Caps don't make it two in three seasons.