Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Behavior is more important than technology"

It has little (well, nothing) to do with hockey, but we found this report in this morning's Washington Post on blogging in Japan rather enlightening.

As an extension of culture, it is fascinating:

The diary habit runs so deep in Japan that it transformed the craft of blogging from an American-style lecture to a Japanese-style personal narrative, according to [Technorati board member] Joichi Ito...In the process, he said, blogging exploded as a mega-fad for Japan's huge middle class, a kind of karaoke for shy people.

One might say that blogging on this side of the Pacific is just as much an extension of culture -- quite individualistic, more confrontational, very opinionated, provacative.

OK, enough of that crap...we'll be getting back to hockey in a bit.