Sunday, August 14, 2005

As if there wasn't enough to think about

Well, fellow fans of the black, blue, and bronze . . . we’re less than two months to opening night, and Caps fans are in a panic.

We haven’t signed Bondra!

Folks aren’t this attached to the family pet.

But hey, why stop there? We could have a whole theme park amount of nostalgia . . .

Bring back Bobby Gould! . . . if only to take another swipe at that geeky owner in Pittsburgh.

Bring back Jim Carey! . . . just don’t let him play against Pittsburgh.

Bring back Dennis Maruk! . . . hey, since the NHL is emphasizing offense, why not the only 60-goal scorer in Caps history?

Bring back Rod Langway! . . . can’t . . . gotta wear a helmet (or is he still grandfathered in?)

Bring back Richard Zednik! . . . sadly, there are many who would.

Bring back Trevor Linden! . . . he can’t be as bad as he was in his short stint here.

Bring back Michel Belhumeur! . . . please, just get the guy one win.

Bring back Bengt Gustafsson! . . . ok, that’s mine.

Bring back the Murrays! . . . hey, they made the playoffs regularly.

Bring back Winger! . . . uh, don’t.

Bring back Craig Laughlin! . . . anything to get him out of the booth.

Bring back Mike Fornes! . . . “a shot, and a goal!”

Bring back the white pants! . . . boxers or briefs?

Right now, I’m just happy they’re bringing back hockey.

-- The Peerless