Friday, September 14, 2007

A New Stats Format

If this is an indication, the NHL has modified its game statistics displays for the coming year. And here are the super stats, faceoffs, and new roster features (including scratches).

Training Camp...Day One

I’m sure many of our readers remember the movie, “Major League,” and the scene in the locker room on the first day of spring training...

Jake Taylor: Shit, the way I played today, I wouldn't be surprised if they red-tagged me already.

Willie Mays Hayes: What do ya mean?

Taylor: Red tag in your locker means the manager wants to see you, 'cause you just died and went to the minors. (As Hayes’ hand freezes on the latch to his locker)…Don't worry, they don't cut anybody the first day.

Well, today was the first day of training camp for the Caps, and chances are, no one got cut. But today’s on-ice activity was not without its moments, either….

-- Viktor Kozlov centering Alexander Ovechkin and Francois Bouchard in the scrimmage…hmm.

-- Michael Nylander centering Tomas Fleischmann and Alexander Semin....uh, ok.

-- Shaone Morrisonn planting Alexander Semin face-first into the end boards…Semin was down for a moment as he rearranged his helmet (perhaps ensuring it still contained his cranium)…Morrisonn giving Semin a tap on the backside with his stick as the two skated back.

-- Kozlov later taking a puck just underneath the edge of his helmet as Frederic Cassivi was trying to clear the puck up the center of the ice. Kozlov skated off immediately, but did so in a manner that did not suggest urgency (although he was holding a towel to his face).

-- Uh, here’s a tip from your Uncle Peerless….orange, red, AND burgundy jerseys on the ice at the same time doesn’t work very well.

-- Alexander Semin looks to have added some size.

-- The Peerless made a tactical error in foregoing the second half of the scrimmage to take in the drills on the Public Rink. Seems the second half had much more action, scoring-wise.

There was a nice crowd for a weekday start to camp, ringing both rinks. One can only imagine what The Plex will be like for the weekend. Welcome back Cappies and Cappie-fans.

And now, some images…

In some of the pre-session hijinks, Olaf Kolzig wonders where to begin in offering advice to DC-101's answer to puckstopping. "I got nuthin'"

Alex Ovechkin scores his first shootout goal since....well, let's not go there.

Kolzig and Ovechkin show fans what they do to goalies who don't stop any shots.

See?...I told, burgundy and doesn't work, guys.

But gee, they look so purdy in their colored outfits.

Glen Hanlon, hoping and praying that Ovechkin did not have the double-chili cheese dogs for dinner last evening.

Olaf Kolzig, sporting his new mask and pads...

...and Brent Johnson his.

Hey, George...betcha can't hit Clarkie with a loogie from here.

Teppo...we have bad news, and bad news

The bad news is, you need surgery...

...and the bad news is, you're going to be suspended.

And for those of you keeping score, that means none of the Sabres' captains from last year will be on the ice on opening night. Daniel Briere and Chris Drury having signed with other teams. This will leave coach Lindy Ruff pondering his options. The Peerless, being a helping sort, has some suggestions:

Captain Merrill Stubing. Master of the Love Boat; if he was given the "C," HSBC Arena might be renamed, "The Love Shack."

Captain Barney Miller. Leader of the ol' one-two, he at least has the experience of trying to interpret some sort of rule book.

Captain Frank Furillo. Perhaps not the best choice. He spent too much time canoodling with Joyce Davenport, and everyone knows that Sgt. Phil Esterhaus ran the Hill Street precinct, anyway.

Captain Wallace B. Binghamton. "Ol' Leadbottom"...he has the experience of screaming at his nemesis, Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale, which might come in handy dealing with the Ron Koharski's and Kerry Fraser's of the world.