Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding Your Inner Bradley

Caps Nation is awash in Matt Bradley-love as this week comes to an end. Being a guy who will get bloody, then take it out on the other goaltender for the game-winning goal will do that. But Matt Bradley is something of a complex sort for a grind-liner. There is so much depth to plumb to find your own "inner Bradley"...

There is the "intellectual Bradley," at home in a lab coat and lighting bunsen burners, expounding on the physics of reaction times for goaltenders.

There is "shot and a beer Bradley," who can regale crowds with stories of his hockey prowess and travels around the league.

There is "dramatic Bradley," who can thrill throngs of Caps fans with the timely goal on a breakaway.

There is "joyful Bradley," who can share big moments with Caps Nation as goalies flutter in despair in their crease.

There is "punishing Bradley," who is always game to get down and dirty with a hated rival.

There is "relentless Bradley," who despite having taken a few blows himself, will be only to happy to return the favor.

There is "greasy Bradley" who goes into all the dark and nasty spaces to get the job done.

There is "heart throb Bradley," who can cause a whole segment of Caps Nation -- the one colored scarlet -- to swoon.

There is "M*A*S*H Bradley," who needs just a shift to tidy up after a scrape, and he's back for more.

So, when you think you might discover your own "inner Bradley," you have so much from which to choose.

Kids Half-Off-Weekend

Semyon Varlamov... 21 years old, 16 regular season games, 13 playoff games.

Michal Neuvirth... 21 years old, five regular season games experience.

And now...

John Carlson... 19 years old, no NHL experience.

This should be an interesting weekend.