Friday, August 31, 2007


The Peerless doffs his prognosticap to the Dallas Stars for the debut of what we think is an absolutely brilliant advertising campaign.

The Stars have authored a series of billboards that strike the perfect balance among a tongue-in-cheek look at other sports, a smidge of self-deprecation, and a focus on the product. Snappy, to the point, and memorable.

The skunk at the garden party, though, was Tony Kornheiser, who on PTI opined that Bettman would tell the Stars to pull the doubt because of this one...

Except Mark Cuban thinks they're hysterical. Give Cuban credit for being a good sport about it (although maybe that's a bit of a thumb in the eye to his nemesis, NBA Commissioner David Stern).

No one does promotions like...

...minor league sports teams, and the Hershey Bears are no exception. They have some intriguing ones this year, too. Makes The Peerless want to hop in the Peerlessmobile and scoot up Route 15 to participate...

November 17:

- Patriotism/Hometown Heroes Night - The first 3,000 fans will receive an American flag. Come out to show your support to all the men and woman that serve our country locally and over-seas.

- DUTCH WONDERLAND Night - See all your favorite friends from DUTCH WONDERLAND, including Duke the Dragon and Princess Brooke.

- Help the Ronald McDonald House Night - The BEARS Booster Club will be accepting donations to help the Ronald McDonald House.

"Dutch Wonderland" night? You know that has to be a hoot.

December 22:

- Christmas Jersey Night - The BEARS will wear special jerseys that will be auctioned off after the game.

- Ugly Holiday Sweater Night - All fans are encouraged to wear their ugly holiday sweaters for the chance to win holiday prizes.

The Peerless would be all over that ugly sweater night, but that's pretty much his whole wardrobe.

January 26:

- Washington Capitals Night - The BEARS will wear special Washington Capitals Jerseys. After the game, each player will autograph their jersey and then auction it off, with proceeds going to charity. that's where the old-logo/color jerseys went.

March 15:

- HERSHEY BEARS Booster Club Central PA Food Bank Drive - All fans are encouraged to bring a donation for the Central PA Food Bank.

- Dr. Lori's Antique Appraisal Night - Bring your art, antiques and questions to art historian, certified art and antique appraiser, and TV personality Dr. Lori. One free antique appraisal per person.
Maybe The Peerless will see if he can get anything for Chris Chelios.

March 16:

- Kunzler Ham Shoot Night - All fans have the opportunity to come down on the ice following the game for a chance to win an Easter Ham. do that in DC, folks will bring guns.

April 6:

- Dennis Bonvie Retirement/Farewell Celebration - Dennis Bonvie will be hanging up the skates and gloves at the end of the 2007-2008 season. Come out and wish Dennis a fond farewell as we look back at his time with the HERSHEY BEARS.
Bonvie has 82 goals in 821 AHL games...and 4,290 penalty minutes. Only in the AHL.

Only in the AHL, indeed.

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