Saturday, August 02, 2008

Someone want to explain this to me?

Merchandise has become the life blood of sport franchises, the NHL included. Fans donning caps, jerseys, t-shirts, and other assorted paraphernalia make for another stream of income for the league and its clubs. But, sometimes things take a turn, as in some of the offerings of caps you'll find online...

Like this oddly Sharkish, Kingsish take on the Caps "weagle"

ok..."Senguins?"...or "Penators?"

We suspect Toe Blake is spinning in his grave at the sight of this...

...uh, chocolate mochap mint?...and in the old style, to boot

and of course, fans will want to express their loyalties to the St. Louis...Greens?


I'm sorry...I got nothin' for this one...

And finally, there is this Alex Ovechkin jersey we found on eBay
(apparently crossed with the Penguin outdoor game version)

No...we did not bid on it.