Saturday, August 02, 2008

Someone want to explain this to me?

Merchandise has become the life blood of sport franchises, the NHL included. Fans donning caps, jerseys, t-shirts, and other assorted paraphernalia make for another stream of income for the league and its clubs. But, sometimes things take a turn, as in some of the offerings of caps you'll find online...

Like this oddly Sharkish, Kingsish take on the Caps "weagle"

ok..."Senguins?"...or "Penators?"

We suspect Toe Blake is spinning in his grave at the sight of this...

...uh, chocolate mochap mint?...and in the old style, to boot

and of course, fans will want to express their loyalties to the St. Louis...Greens?


I'm sorry...I got nothin' for this one...

And finally, there is this Alex Ovechkin jersey we found on eBay
(apparently crossed with the Penguin outdoor game version)

No...we did not bid on it.


Mike M. said...

That last jersey looks a lot like some of the weird stuff I saw over in S. Korea. A St. Louis Blues jersey with the red, circa '95-'96, with an applique looking swooping eagle from a kids jersey on the front. Many other variants of just about any other team too. Who's on the good drugs that designed the Chicago hat?

DMG said...

Ugh, for whatever reason it's en vogue to wear team merchandise that isn't in the team colors. The only way I deem that acceptable is it it's primarily white, grey or black (i.e. this).

Unfortunately it's also en vogue to wear hats with perfectly straight bills on them and keep the original tags on them, both of which look idiotic.

Sombrero Guy said...

I blame MTV

Bailey said...

That Blackhawks hat looks like something the late 80s-early 90s puked up.

But yeah, it's not uncommon to see hats that are just worn to match clothes despite the colors being completely off. And yes I also blame MTV. Worst. Network. Ever.

Jordan said...

I had that same jersey, except it's a Bondra instead of an Ovie. My mom said she found it a long time ago at Value City.

So there you have it.