Thursday, August 11, 2005

I knew Ted wanted an NBA team . . .

. . . but his lack of patience is stunning. With the signings of Mathieu Biron and Ivan Majesky, Ted (or rather, George, presumably with Ted's blessing) has assembled a defense squad that likely would rebound better than the Wizards . . . let's recap.

Returning, we have:

Shaone Morrisonn: 6'3"
Steve Eminger: 6'2"
Nolan Yonkman: 6'6"

Waiting in the wings, there is Jeff Schultz: 6'6"

The Caps just got finished drafting:

Sasha Pokulok: 6'5"
Joe Finley: 6'7"

And now . . . Biron at 6'6" and Majesky at 6'5"

The Caps have to find a way to sign Zdeno Chara as a free agent next year.

The club's new motto . . . "We might not be good, but we'll be tall."

-- The Peerless

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