Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's not THAT the wind is blowin'

It's WHAT the wind is blowin' . . .

With apologies to comedian Ron White, we're now into the silly season of personnel moves, or more accurately, "rumors."

Today's goofy rumor comes courtesy of the Toronto Sun, which offers up a helping of Nik Antropov for Brendan Witt. "Moving Antropov" might be the title of a long running stage play in Ontario for as often as it seems to get attention.

As much help as the Caps could use at center, I suspect the Caps' brain trust will wait on this one. Antropov has a desirable set of physical attributes (6'6", 220) and plays a position in which the Caps are thin -- center. But, Antropov can have the disturbingly frequent brain-lock and often does not use that super-size body to greatest benefit. The price tag ($1.1 million) is attractive in trade (compared to Witt's $1.7 million), but one suspects the Caps will be patient in moving Witt.

The Peerless doesn't this deal is going anywhere, at least for the time being.

In other Caps news . . . there really isn't any. The Bondra Watch is still underway, and one suspects that this week a decision will be made. It can't come soon enough. Things have gotten quite boring as we begin to count the days to training camp.

-- The Peerless

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