Saturday, December 09, 2006

Your OMMAA for November!!

OK, so I'm late . . . it's a busy time of the year, even for those of the Peerless Persuasion. But it gives The Peerless great pleasure to bestow the hallowed and cherished "Old Man's Major Awad Award to . . .

John Erskine!

A player who fairly oozes "ornery," Erskine has been a pleasant surprise for the Caps. Not only has he appeared to allow Steve Eminger to find his legs, but Erskine has been a stout defender in his own right. For November, he was 0-2-2, but tallied 42 PIMS in 11 games and averaged 17-and-a-half minutes of ice time.

His menacing look, disheveled hair, one-size-too-small helmet, and his on-ice contributions to a Caps team that find itself squarely in the playoff hunt combine to make him the clear choice for the November OMMAA.

Display it proudly John-E! . . . You've earned it!

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