Monday, January 08, 2007

This is "a" goal...this is a "nice" goal. It is not, "The Goal."

Much as the assembled hockey media is gushing over this fine effort by Sidney Crosby to: a) find the pass from Mark Recchi, and b) redirect the pass into the net past a bewildered Johan Holmqvist, it is not destined to have the label, "the goal" attached to it.

First, it helps if the team for which the player scoring the goal actually wins the game. Second, it just doesn't have the contortive (if that's a word) charm that a guy twisting on his back, not looking at the net, scoring-with-a-flick-of-the-wrist has. Good heavens, the last word in goals didn't even get the player the first, or even the second star of the game in his own arena.

So just stop it. Stop it now, ok?


JP said...

Too bad the nets are on magnets and not posts.

CapsChick said...

"Absolutely Sid-sational"?? Barf.

It's definitely a nice goal, but you're right - not even close to our boy's goal.

Actually, it seemed a little too rehearsed for my taste - like he was trying to one-up Ovie by going down on one knee when he probably could have gotten that in standing up. It's not like he had a defenseman taking him out or anything...