Friday, February 09, 2007

Caps Troubles Uncovered

It the mascot, stupid.

The Caps are 4-8-7 against clubs this year with "animal" mascots -- Thrashers, Panthers, Bruins, Ducks, Penguins, Coyotes, and Wild (a depiction of a bear's head). They are 0-4-1 against those clubs in their last five games.

The Caps are 19-17-1 against the rest of the league.

For the record, nine of the Caps' remaining 26 games are against these furry and feathered friends.


FS said...

I would think that if the Wild make the cut with their "pantheresque" mascot, then certainly the Sabres with their logo that is supposed to look like a Buffalo (or something) would work as well.

We shall put your theory to the test in a couple of weeks when we play the Sharks.

Too bad we don't play the Predators or Blue Jackets this year.

Netsrak said...

The "Blue Jacket" is not an animal, FS. It's a reference to the uniform of Union soldiers in the Civil War.

The Wild should not be counted as an animal team either. It's more of an abstract concept (as is their logo).

On the flip side, the Islanders should count... because does not a man who lives on an island qualify as an animal?

FS said...

But the blue jackets have a logo with a bug! That's an animal!