Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do the Caps suffer in attendance?

It is accepted as divinely inspired truth that the Capitals can't fill their rink because: a) they stink, and b) they work in a town that ranks hockey somewhere south of The Weather Channel in terms of entertainment.

Well, here is another reason, made painfully evident in last Tuesday's "home" game against the Penguins. It is 246 miles from Mellon Arena to Verizon Center.

The closest Caps "rival" in the Southeast Division -- the Carolina Hurricanes -- play in RBC Center . . . 274 miles away.

Hard to generate much in terms of rivalry -- and the attendance in each others' arenas -- with that kind of proximity. This isn't the western half of North America, where large distances between points is a fact of life. This is the Eastern Seaboard, the home of neighborhoods . . . and the rest of the Southeast ain't in the neighborhood.

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