Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some observations on a Tuesday night...

- How long (in seconds) will it take the Thrashers to clear out everyone down to the equipment guy after looking for all the world like a kennel of whipped puppies in their series against the Rangers, once the Blueshirts put them out of their misery.

- Speaking of Atlanta, Marian Hossa's picture is on milk cartons all over the Atlanta area.

- The Peerless is looking for a reason in the numbers why Ottawa has a three-games-to-one lead after tonight’s win in Pittsburgh. The only thing he can figure out . . . Ottawa’s just better.

- Minnesota has the ugliest uniforms in the history of man . . . looks like they’re channeling the 1987 New Jersey Devils. They look like they were designed by Helen Keller on crack.

- Speaking of Minnesota, Derek Boogaard is a very large man. Men that large should not be able to stand on skates. I swear, he has his own gravitational field.

- Hey, it ain’t Marty’s fault (Turco or Brodeur).

- If anyone thought Jay Pandolfo, Sergei Brylin, Brian Gionta, and John Madden would be a combined -12 for the Devils, raise your hand.

- Ladies and gentlemen, your leading scorer for the Buffalo Sabres (so far)...Dainius Zubrus

- San Jose/Nashville is still the best series of the first round.

- Willie Mitchell will not get a holiday greeting from Mike Ribiero.

- Buffalo will move on to the second round, but they’ll pay to get there.

- Joe Beninati is really, really good on play-by-play. The Peerless could listen to him do every game.

- Uh, when Pittsburgh is eliminated, how on earth will the NHL and their U.S. television partners at NBC and Versus market the games? Come watch Daniel Briere spear somebody? Watch Chris Chelios grow liver spots? Pick out the Niedermayer? The Sedin?

- Is that wall of red in the stands in Calgary impressive, or what? If you don't think so, go watch "Dancing with the Stars."


Netsy said...

Et tu, Peerless? Joining the rabble of people criticizing hockey uniforms that I actually like?

I wouldn't even put the Minnesota Wild's unis in the bottom ten. Maybe you don't like green, I dunno; I very much like that they chose a green color scheme, given the green-and-yellow scheme of Minnesota's previous NHL team.

I suppose you could be referring to the "Iron Range Red" alternate uniform, which I'll admit is something of an acquired taste. Myself, I actually like the simplicity and the, well, oldness of the jersey design.

At any rate, the truth of the matter is that the real ugliest uniforms in the history of man belong to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Bleccch!

The Peerless said...

The Peerless ia a graduate of NCAA hockey champion Michigan State University . . . The Peerless bleeds green.