Saturday, June 23, 2007

17 of 116

There are 116 days from the end of the Stanley Cup finals that ended on June 6 to September 30th. Today is day 17 of that calendar.

And yet, we find ourselves grinding our teeth and muttering expletives about the Caps and their performance this past weekend in Columbus.

Where is the help now?

Well, that’s not what the draft is about; it’s about futures…18 year old kids who can contribute when they are 22. If you’re looking for contributors next year, look to other places.

The draft is one leg of the tripod of roster-building – drafting, trading, and free-agency signing (which might include waivers). There is a time for each, both this year, and in the bigger scheme of building a roster.

There is a good portion of the summer calendar to go; the draft is but the first mile marker along the way. Another comes up at the end of next week, and one would expect the Caps to participate in the bazaar (or bizarre) that is usually the unrestricted free agent market. But all summer long there will be the possibility of trades, perhaps more so as the salary cap limits come into sharper focus, and some clubs need to be identifying salary cap casualties.

The point is, this is the “no excuses summer,” but a summer it is, not a fortnight. Let’s wait to see where the club is on September 30th.


SkateFreeOrDie said...

Thanks for continuing to be a voice of reason while so many others are losing their heads.

I was just amazed at all the people who were angry that the Caps didn't improve for THIS YEAR through the draft. Do we really have that many fans who are that clueless? Do they not understand what a crapshoot, and what a long term process drafting is?

I know people are impatient, but sheesh, try being a Phillies fan like me. They are counting down to 10,000 losses - the most of any team in any sport ever. I have no pity for my fellow Caps fans. None. Not a pit.

Steven said...

Peerless -

Spot on once again.

Smitty said...

The wailing and gnashing of teeth over on Tarik's blog never ceases to amaze me. I guess in the end it's a good thing they're there and not over here in our end of the Internet.

GMGM did a good job this weekend, in my opinion. Trading for picks in the deep draft next year was a good move, and from what I hear about Alzner he'll be contributing sooner rather than later.