Monday, July 09, 2007

One Player's Journey With the Cup

The Peerless was glad to find this report on Drew Miller's day of squiring the Stanley Cup around his hometown of East Lansing, Michigan. It's been a pretty good year for the Spartans, hockey-wise. An alum gets called up and joins the ride to the NHL championship, and the Spartan men's hockey team wins the NCAA championship.

Click on the photo gallery link at the story for more of a glimpse of Miller's day with Stanley. Even Sparty looked proud.

From a fellow alum, great job, Drew.

Go green!
...go white!

photos: Dale G. Young / The Detroit News


Capital Fanatic said...

Did you notice there's a kid in a Caps jersey in one of those pics? Nice to see us represented in Michigan.

GameMisconduct said...

I looked closer and saw that it says "Lansing Capitals" - oh well, at least they modeled their team's jerseys after ours.

KCK said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that the Miller is Drew NOT Ryan!

stepguybrian said...

I doubt we would see little kids going so craze over any other trophy!

GameMisconduct said...

Speaking of Michigan State - did you happen to see that Lerg is at the Caps rookie camp?

Capital Fanatic said...

Yea, Lerg was one of the numerous guys left off the official roster.