Sunday, August 26, 2007

Records in Granite?

A couple of weeks ago, Alan Adams at penned a column on records in hockey that appear safe for all time (and a few that might not be). There is some relevance to our red-white-and-blue boys in that one Cap is mentioned (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) as having a shot at the single-game record for goals (eight, held by Joe Malone, Quebec Bulldogs, 1920-1921 season...or is it seven, as the Hockey Hall of Fame indicates?).

There is also another record, referred to somewhat obliquely, having to do with winning percentage...seems the red-white-and-blue are involved in that one, too.

The Peerless offers up this list of records and leaves it to you to ponder whether any are safe until the sun goes dark (or Bettman grows a brain), taken from the Hockey Hall of Fame "Records and Rankings" page:

Goals scored, season, rookie: Teemu Selanne (76, 1992-93)
Assists, rookie, season: Peter Stasny (70, 1980-81), Joe Juneau (70, 1992-93)
Points, rookie, season: Teemu Selanne (132 (1992-93)

Goals scored, game, individual: Joe Malone (7, 1919-20)
Goals scored, season, individual: Wayne Gretzky (92, 1981-82)
Goals scored, career, individual: Wayne Gretzky (894)

Assists, game, individual: Billy Taylor (7, 1946-47), Wayne Gretzky (7, three times)
Assists, season, individual: Wayne Gretzky (163, 1985-86)
Assists, career, individual: Wayne Gretzky (1,963)

Points, game, individual: Darryl Sittler (10, 1975-76)
Points, season, individual: Wayne Gretzky (215, 1985-86)
Points, career, individual: Wayne Gretzky (2,857)

Games played, career: Gordie Howe (1,767)

Wins, goaltender, season: Martin Brodeur (48, 2006-07)
Wins, goaltender, career: Patrick Roy (551)
GAA, goaltender, season: George Hainsworth (0.92, 1928-29)
GAA, goaltender, career: George Hainsworth (1.91)
Shutouts, goaltender, season: George Hainsworth (22, 1928-29)
Shutouts, goaltender, career: Terry Sawchuck (103)

Penalty minutes. game: Randy Holt (67, 1978-79)
Penalty minutes, season: Dave Schultz (472, 1974-75)
Penalty minutes, career: Dave Williams (3,966)

Most trophies won, season: Bobby Orr (4 – Hart, Ross, Norris, Smythe – 1969-70)
Most trophies won, career: Wayne Gretzky (26 – 9 Hart, 10 Ross, 2 Smythe, 5 Byng)
Most Ross Trophies won: Wayne Gretzky (10)
Most Hart Trophies won: Wayne Gretzky (9)
Most Norris Trophies won: Bobby Orr (8)
Most Vezina Trophies won: Jacques Plante (7)
Most Lady Byng Trophies won: Frank Boucher (7)
Most all-star selections, individual, career: Gordie Howe (21)

Best winning percentage, team, season: Boston Bruins (.875, 1929-30)
Longest winning streak, team, season: Pittsburgh Penguins (17, 1992-93)
Longest undefeated streak, team, season: Philadelphia Flyers (35 – 25-0-10 – 1979-80)
Highest point total, team, season: Montreal Canadiens (132, 1976-77)
Most championships, team: Montreal Canadiens (24)

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