Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ted vs. Steve...the Real Story

You can't swing a dead cat in the local blogosphere (assuming such a thing was possible) without reading the latest from Ted Leonsis about Steve Czaban and Radio Free 980, Steve Czaban about Ted, or commentary about Ted and Steve. The Peerless will leave it to you to do the reading from Ted, Steve, JP, Caps Nut, OFB, and Dan (feel free to expand your search...there are likely to be other juicy nuggets that can be found).

But only The Peerless can bring you "The Real Story." It goes back to a meeting in a darkened booth in a seedy bar in upper Northwest Washington, where the two protagonists had a meeting . . .*t, I'm bored. It's hot, there aren't any Redskin games, and Pollin is really getting on my nerves.

Ted....I hear ya. I'm tired of having nothing to write about on my blog except that 'Nanking' thing, and surfing the chat rooms on AOL gets old real quick.

Steve...we gotta liven up this burg...any ideas?

Ted...I dunno...wanna start a fight?

Steve...what do you have in mind?

Ted...well ok, try this on...that Beckham guy is coming to DC soon, and I know you guys won't be devoting much air time to that. You could have a segment or two that makes fun of the soccer fans here and maybe link that up with hockey...

Steve...the 'no one watches' angle...

Ted...right...then I'll blog for a few days on how you guys don't 'get it'...

Steve...and I come back a few days later with my own blog, sprinkle in a few 'radio jargon' terms no one will understand, and we'll have a full blown kerfuffle on our hands.

Ted...and folks will be talking about us for days...your ratings will go up...folks will buy more hockey tickets...

Steve...yeah, right...

Ted...see, you're getting in the spirit of it...and then I can come on your show and we can have a mano-e-mano to the death.

Steve...that's not a bad idea

Ted...yeah, and it beats reading those insufferably boring Caps blogs all summer.

laughter ensues...

Where you stand depends upon where you sit as to whether Czaban stepped in it or Ted was pwned. But as for the real story, remember, you read it here first.

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Anonymous said...

"I'd rather read the insufferably boring Caps blogs all summer than listen to Leonsis or Czaban"


People with IQ's above 90