Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Yogi" Alzner

Young Mr. Alzner is showing great promise as a quote machine. Consider this nugget from Mike Vogel's interview with Alzner from the Capitals' home page...

Vogel: Does this camp open your eyes to the types of things you’ll need to do here in September if you hope to make this team?

Alzner: “It’s just little things. Like in practice, I turned up [ice] one time. I handled the puck once and then I passed it. And I was told right after that, ‘You don’t even handle it. You chip the puck off the boards to the guy that should be there.’ And that’s true. Because at this next level when you watch on TV, guys are always open. All you’ve got to do is move the puck quicker and look before you get the puck. It’s really opening up my eyes. I’m happy we have a more intense camp compared to some other teams where they kind of throw sauce around and go off the bar. I’m really enjoying it.”

Throw sauce and go off the bar? What, is that some weird drinking-slash-barbecue game? I think the young man is channeling the best of this guy.

Thanks to MattyMurp on The Official for the lead...

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