Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Tale of Two . . . Well, Two What, Exactly?

The Peerless takes time out from his hiatus to bring you two quotes. See if you can answer correctly who the authors are...

"We have just created and introduced a great, low cost ticket package against our biggest rivals. I am hopeful we can fill the house against these teams with our own hometown Caps fans. The reason we created a package of tickets is to ensure that our own fans buy them and come to all of these games. I doubt that a fan of just one of these teams will buy all of the tickets in the package. For $99, a fan can come to our Opener and five of our best games against our biggest rivals. Please consider purchasing a plan; come to these games; and be loud and proud."

"I need another 2,500 season-ticket seats. What that would do is tip it, it would give us scarcity of tickets and allow us finally to raise prices. Our ticket prices, for the most part are exactly the same as they were in 1999."

If you answered: a) Ted Leonsis (on September 8), and b) Ted Leonsis (today), you win a prize. The Peerless will make sure to give you a deal on it so you can pay more later.

1 comment:

exwhaler said...

So, Ted wants to increase the amount of season ticket holders--which supposedly provide a financial base for your team--so he can turn around and raise ticket prices? Isn't that backwards, and wouldn't he lose a good number of those ticket holders when they discover that they have to shell out even more?

I wonder if he realizes that if he and the NHL continue to raise ticket prices, they'll be shaving off fans from that financial base (which is why I haven't had a ticket plan since before the lockout). Hockey used to be a bluecolor sport, but now, they're beginning to even push out the middle class.

Unless you're a team that constantly wins or has a long, hallowed history (neither of which describes the Caps), this kind of financial thinking is wacky. Even wackier when he thinks it out-loud.