Thursday, November 29, 2007

A deep hole...

The Caps are 2-1-1 under interim coach Bruce Boudreau. Over a whole season, five points every four games gets you 100 (102, actually), and you're in the playoffs, if not a divisional champ.

But five points every four games won't quite do it at this point. With 57 games left to play, that pace will earn them an additional 71 points. Added to the 18 they have this morning, that's 89...probably good enough for about 10th or 11th in the conference.

Close, but no cigar. Such is the hole they've dug for themselves.

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DMG said...

I'm pretty content with the 2-1-1 stretch (although the Caps really should beat Florida). In my opinion the team is in such a hole they need a good run or two to get back in it, because they're not going to play at 112 point pace for the rest of the season. I think the team just needs to play at a solid pace and hope for a long run (of, say 11-3-2) or a couple shorter ones (say, two 4-1-1 stretches).

I believe Joe B. said last night Florida was on a 10-1-2 run, or something like that? If they can do it, you have to think it's possible for the Capitals.