Monday, November 26, 2007

Divine Right

Well, it was bound to happen...

The Capitals have not yet inked Alex Ovechkin to a new contract, so he who believes all hockey begins at West 31st Street and ends at West 33rd Street in Manhattan has weighed in...
Maybe someone can provide one good reason for Alex Ovechkin to sign a new contract with the before becoming a restricted free agent on July 1, because we sure can't think of any.

Yes, it's our old pal, Larry Brooks, who believes that it is the divine right of the Rangers to acquire any player of note, putting forth the argument without actually saying the words, "NEW - YORK - CITY," that Ovechkin should trade in his Capital red for Broadway blue.

Brooksie tip-toes around the issue, but gets to the point in a tortured way...
Ovechkin does not belong to the Caps. Through no desire of his own, he merely is playing for Washington under a three-year, entry-level capped lease that will expire at the end of this season. He never chose to play in DC so much as he chose to play in the NHL rather than remain in Russia after the lockout.

The Caps did nothing to earn Ovechkin other than being lousy in 2003-04 before then winning the Draft lottery to leapfrog both the 29th-overall Blackhawks and 30th-overall Penguins.

"Does not belong to the Caps..." The only thing missing is the unspoken thought, "but should belong to the Rangers." While Caps fans might fret over the status of contract talks with the young Mr. Ovechkin, contrary to what Larry says Ovechkin does belong to the Capitals, and he will -- at the pleasure of the club -- for the next five seasons.

Larry will have to settle for the idle fantasy of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury not getting Ovechkin the puck, either.

In the meantime, do read Caps Nut's essay that is the latest entry in the continuing Idiocy of Larry Brooks...he's got it nailed.

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usually frustrated caps fan said...

Peerless: Brooks is a bit of a loon; that said I think the Caps should put an end to this quickly and get Ovechkin's contract done ASAP. It's like I commented in The Blue Line . For more of my thoughts please come to Mark's Musings