Monday, November 05, 2007

A NO point night -- Caps vs. Hurricanes, November 5th

Carolina 5 - Washington 0...

There is nothing to take away from this game, and that being the case, The Peerless really doesn’t have much to say about it, other than from the drop of the puck, the Caps looked as clueless about what was going on around them as any Caps team we’ve seen, well, maybe ever.

And you know what?...I don’t think that one’s on the players.

There really isn’t anything in the numbers worth pondering, the competitive portion of the game being so short (8:32 – the time it took for Cory Stillman to score a hat trick, on the only three shots of the game that he took). Everything that followed was window dressing.

Here is your stat to take to bed with you in anticipation of tomorrow’s game in Atlanta…the Caps have made the playoffs 18 times. In none of those years did they have ten losses in their first 15 games…


Sweet dreams, Caps fans.

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CandyCornMan said...

Olie did not look happy.

I'm sure Hanlon will give the Caps some well-deserved time off. The system is working (obviously--only an idiot would say otherwise), the players just don't get it.

Let's go Caps!