Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's Up With This?

Minus-13?...tied for last in the league??

It isn't pretty, but it isn't entirely surprising, either. If there is one player on this roster for whom "chemistry" is not just a branch of the physical sciences, it is Nylander. Let's wind the clock back to 2005-2006, his first in New York. He would finish +31 for the season, but he was all of a +2 on Christmas. In his last 46 games after Christmas, he had only five "minus" games and was a +29.

He's off to a slower start here, but it would be folly to assume it will remain that bad. As the chemistry improves, so will that number.

Let's just hope it's soon.

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Jordan said...

Yeah, I mentioned this in my post about last night's game. He does kinda seem to look lost sometimes in the defensive end, too.