Thursday, November 08, 2007

Who knew?...

"The last time we had eight defensemen who could play, we went to the finals."

-- George McPhee, making a point in this morning's Washington Times upon the return of Steve Eminger and stating that the defenseman wouldn't be traded.

So that's all the Caps needed?


Anonymous said...

Yeah. That's all we need.

You know, it's similar to the fact that all we need to do is start the season 2-0, because well we've never missed the playoffs when that's happened before.


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Anonymous said...

If all we needed was 8 active defensemen, then GMGM should definately be fired for allowing us to play so long with only 7 active defensemen.

"Emminger will not be traded."
Translation: "I can't even get a bucket of pucks for him. I know, I tried, hell I even begged. No interest. Zero, zilch. One GM said they would rather just put a pylon out in a sweater than Emmer, because a pylon is cheaper and doens't take stupid penalties."

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad Milan is back in tonight.