Saturday, December 08, 2007

Did the Caps ask Santa for this Schedule?

OK, here is the rest of December for the Caps...

Atlanta (14-13-1)
New Jersey (16-10-2)
NY Rangers (15-12-2)
Buffalo (12-13-1)
at Tampa Bay (13-13-2)
at Detroit (20-6-2)
Montreal (14-10-4)
at NY Islanders (13-12-2)
Tampa Bay (13-13-2)
at Pittsburgh (14-12-2)
at Ottawa (18-7-3)

Counting each team only once, the combined record of opponents is 149-108-21. Every team but Buffalo is at least a .500 team. There are three division leaders and six top-eight teams in there. Ten conference games...

Let's say the Caps go 9-2 against these teams. They'd still be 18-19-2.

I think they'd rather have coal in their stockings than this schedule.


DMG said...

but on the plus side the Caps play like 23% of their games against Florida, Tampa and Atlanta, three of the worst teams in the league.

Anonymous said...

They went through that schedule at 6-2-3, three standings points less than 9-2-0. Pretty good.