Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sittin' at the end of the bar...

It’s a little known fact that…

-- In his last 50 games, Brad Richards is -24.

-- Jarome Iginla has eight goals in his last nine games

-- Bobby Holik, Alexei Zhitnik, Steve McCarthy…combined -49.

-- Mike Comrie, everyone’s start-of-the-year favorite with his 4-2-6, +3 in his first two games, is -16 in 29 games since.

-- Mike Ribiero might be the guy to take along if you’re going hunting…16 goals on 40 shots. Quite a sharpshooter.

-- Jeremy Roenick still leads the league in game-winning goals (5).

-- The Southeast Division is 37-48-7 against non-Southeast teams. Carolina is on a pace to win the division with 89 points. The last team to win a division with fewer points…Carolina in 1998-1999 (yeah, the Southeast).

-- You’ve heard that commercial, “He went to Jared?” Well, doing that in the NHL can get you bruised. Jared Boll leads the league in fighting majors. Without googling, do you know who he plays for?* And who on earth is Daniel Carcillo, and how is it that he leads the league in PIMs (145)?

-- Carcillo might win the “does not work or play well with others” award. He has 13 misconducts (nine 10-minute, 4 game).

-- Still on the matter of penalties, Chris Pronger, Corey Perry, and Ryan Getzlaf rank 3-4-5 in minors taken this year – 68 in all.

-- Familiarity breeds contempt…except in the Southeast – well, Tampa at least. It breeds points. Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, and Vaclav Prospal rank 1-2-4 in division scoring.

-- The Southeast is conspicuous in that statistic…nine of the top 15 divisional scorers are in the Southeast. Maybe they just can’t score against anyone else (see that record up above). Carolina doesn’t have any of them, and they lead the division…go figure.

-- On that division scoring thing, here is the odd one. Sidney Crosby – he who tied for fourth in overall scoring – is 17th in divisional scoring. He might not be so familiar with his opposition as they are with him in the Atlantic.

* Columbus

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Hooks Orpik said...

"And who on earth is Daniel Carcillo, and how is it that he leads the league in PIMs (145)?"

Since I am an answer man I will drop some knowledge....

Danny Carcillo was drafted in the 3rd round, 2003 by the Penguins. He is a very good skater who demonstrates a ton of energy. Think Sean Avery on amphetamines (if he's not on them already..)

Carcillo (and a draft pick) was the compensation for the Penguins to acquire the heavyweight champion of the NHL; Big Georges Laraque.

Thanks to Phoenix's weak team, Carcillo is an NHL player. As I mentioned, his antics are very Avery-esqe. But unlike the former Mr. Cuthbert, Carcillo is man enough to drop his gloves and fight on a regular basis instead of turtuling.

And, clearly, Carcillo is no stranger to drawing multiple misconduct penalties.