Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why is Pittsburgh Struggling?...It isn't rocket science

We take this brief interlude from matters concerning the Caps to ask the question, "what's happened to Pittsburgh?" Thought by some to be a Stanley Cup finalist in waiting, the Penguins have struggled out of the gate. Why? It really isn't hard to see:

2006-2007 (through 26 games): 11-11-4 (26 points)
2007-2008 (through 26 games): 12-12-2 (26 points)

Looks pretty similar...well, maybe not:

Record vs. Atlantic Division:

2006-2007 (through 26 games): 9-4-1 (19 points)
2007-2008 (through 26 games): 3-7-1 (7 points)

Given the preponderance of divisional games on clubs' schedules, and the improvements in Atlantic Division squads this year (they re already 0-2-0 to Philadelphia, who they swept last year), there should be more than a little concern among the Penguin faithful.


Hooks Orpik said...

Ahh, a slow start is just a start, not an end. As you pointed out, this team was in the same position last year and ended up with 105 points at season's end. Unlike a certain team that plays in the beltway the Penguins have all the pieces (and firepower) and obviously the experience to keep the ship heading in the right direction.

To that point, the Penguins have won 4 out of the last 5 and seemingly gotten rid of the anchor known as Mark Recchi; so it's relatively easy to argue the turnaround has already begun.

It will be difficult to string together the points streak from last year, but if all other forwards not named Crosby and Malkin can keep playing as well as they have in the past handful of games, the Pens won't have a problem still skating into April.

And Peerless, don't you have enough domestic problems before you have to reach out into my neighborhood? Are you looking for trouble or something? ;)

DMG said...

I dunno hooks, despite the last couple weeks I'd be a little nervous with Fleury as my team's netminder.

The Peerless said...

I was bored...and being bored always puts me in a mind of "Pittsburgh."


Doug said...

I believe the biggest "non-story" to date is the fact the Pens are struggling. I'm sure they are disappointed in their start. But, it's a long season. I don't wish any team ill-will, bad health or anything negative --- but as a Caps fan, I'm always looking for good things to happen to the Caps. The fact the Caps are struggling is not really a story; they've been bad for the past 4 seasons. The Pens, on the other hand, enjoyed a banner year last year and their fans are looking for more of the same.