Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How is it...

...that a forward who is, among his Eastern Conference forward cohort:

- 7th in total scoring (48 points)
- 2nd in goals (30)

- 4th in ice time (22:58)
- 1st in power play goals (12)

- one off the lead in game-winning goals (4)
- 4th in hits (102)
- tied in blocked shots with Selke winner Rod Brind'Amour

- 6th in takeaways
- was named the NHL's first star for the week ending December 30th
- twice (in two years) been named as a first team all-NHL player

...is only fifth among forwards in Eastern Conference All-Star voting?

Vote for this guy...

...and bring a smile to the face of his mom...

photos: Associated Press, Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post

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Steven said...

First, let me extend the happiest of New Years wishes to the Peerless. Your work here, as well as your commentary in other forums, has been much appreciated (at least by me) over the past year. Thanks, and may 2008 bring you and yours an abundance of blessings.

To the point...many, many sports fans in the Washington area do not realize that they may have the good fortune of being the home to one of the most dynamic talents as well as personalities to grace the ice in some time. Clearly, Alex's game has matured immensely from last season to this. Is Alex the "best" player in the league right now? He certainly makes a compelling argument.

But what's even more, is how he goes about plying his craft - with all the flash and flair, but not with the arrogance that attends so many in his upper echelon class of player -in any sport. As good as Crosby and Lecavalier (I'll pick on these two) are - and they are very, very good, they just don't bring the same pizzaz and dynamic to the ice that Alex does. He exemplifies the expression of emotion in sport. His exuberance for his trade, a trade at which he is exceptional, is a joy to behold.

What would remedy this issue of his trailing in popularity (all-star voting) to the likes of Crosby, and, excuse me while I vomit, Briere, is that not enough people here in Washington see him play, and that is a tragedy all around, but mostly to the sports fans in this region who haven't witnessed the unbridled joy and beauty of watching Alex in person. Truly a shame.