Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The weird, the wacky, and the WTF?...

These were the top-linked stories at espn.com at noon today...At least the hockey story looks ike fun...

Twins push for last, best trade offers for Santana

T-Owe? Arbitrator reportedly rules for Eagles

Webber says returning to Warriors a 'done deal'

Kidd says it is time to 'move on' from Nets

Brady practices for Patriots Flu bug bites Giants

Source: Angelos yet to greenlight Bedard trade

Paul nearly triples up in big victory Melo still out

Barbaro's ashes to be interred at Churchill Downs

Selanne chooses return to Ducks over retirement

ECHL team to host 'Shred Rich Rodriguez' night

Santana hasn't been traded? Next thing you'll tell me, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!

The Eagles get their revenge on Terrell "We'll be opening an 'Abs-R-Us' in a driveway near you" Owens?

Brady's getting well, and the Giants are getting sick?...smells like another Belichick conspiracy to me...

Peter Angelos is screwing up the Orioles again (next big story..."Sun Rises in East!"...film at 11)

A horse's ashes are gong to be buried at a race track (there is a "horse's ash" line in here somewhere)

At least the Wheeling Nailers are giving their fans an "experience," even if it involves pictures of a coach in a different sport and an industrial-sized piece of office equipment (maybe they could have fans whack a Rich Rodriguez likeness with a hockey stick?)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in hockey, games will be played this evening. Check one out.

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Hooks Orpik said...

Given how crazy West-By God-Virginia is; I just assumed that promotion meant Aaron Boogaard (yes, Derek's little bro) kidnapped Rich-Rod and was going to shove him into a woodchipper for his sins.