Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Capitals and the Hare

Much is made -- well, will be made -- of the fact that the Caps are 20-10-4 since Bruce Boudreau took over behind the Caps bench. It is a fine record, to be sure. But what is perhaps most striking about it is that it is built upon consistency, not streaks.

During these 34 games, the Caps' longest winning streak is four games, while their longest winless streak is three (twice). If you break the games down into five game segments, here is how they have played out:

1. 2-2-1 (five points)
2. 4-1-0 (eight points)
3. 1-2-2 (four points)
4. 3-1-1 (seven points)
5. 4-1-0 (eight points)
6. 3-2-0 (six points)
7. 3-1-0 (six points, and counting)

Total: 20-10-4 (44 points)

In no five-game segment were they more than one-point below .500, and in five of them (including the one not yet completed) they are over .500.

The Caps have churned out wins at a pretty constant rate over the last two-and-a-half months. As much as anything else, it suggests that one wouldn't expect those "dead spots" in the schedule where a lot of points get away in a hurry.

Put another way, the Caps haven't been and aren't streaky; they are consistently good and have been over the last 34-games. Certainly better than some folks give them credit for being.

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JP said...

Five-game segments - a nice (and useful) reminder of the Hanlon era (though the team's performances in the segments listed certainly don't remind anyone of Hugs' Caps).