Monday, February 04, 2008

Looking Ahead...2008 Draft Rankings

As we contemplate the week ahead for the Caps, we might take a moment to look a little further ahead. Although you've probably seen them in other venues already, below you will find Central Scouting's midterm rankings for 2008 draft eligibles:

NA skaters:

International skaters:

NA goalies:

International goalies:

And McKeen's Top-30:

If the draft were to be held today, the Caps (should they not win the Stanley Cup) appear to be in the seventh overall position in the first round.


Anonymous said...

If the Caps finished bottom 10 . . .

. . . would you draft 'best player' available or would you go for needs?

IMHO, our needs are at RW and Goalie . . .

The Peerless said...

I'm almost always of a mind of taking the best player available. Since that player isn't likely to be seeing any time for at least a year or two, it's hard to project needs that far in advance.

That being said, we hope the best player available is a center. Once you get past Nicklas Backstrom, the prospect pool is thinner there than perhaps any position on the club.

Anonymous said...

I watched all the World Juniors this year, and the person who impressed me the most was Luke Schenn. I think that guy could step on the ice for the Caps tonight and be a very good defenseman.