Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scoreboard glancing in the age of parity

It might not yet be time for full-fledged scoreboard watching, but a glance here and there might be expected of Capitals Nation, which hasn't glanced at anything except the summer schedule for the draft and free agency these past few years at this time.

Tonight, the marquee game for followers is Carolina at Boston. Who to root for, who to root for...

Carolina is one point behind the Capitals, with the Capitals holding a game in hand.

Boston is two points ahead of the Capitals for "eighth" in the East in points, and the Bruins hold two games in hand on the Caps.

So, does the discerning fan root for one club to lose, remain in second place in the division, and give up another game in hand?

Or, does the worrisome fan root for the other team to lose, remain within spitting distance in points, and give up one of the games in hand they hold?

Let's just hope it's not a "three-point game."


Biff said...

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but the Sabres actually have the 8th best record in the conference (B's are only in 8th because the Caps getting bumped up to 3rd bumps them down a notch). So they would be the ones the Caps are chasing for "eighth". Right?

Oh heck, this is all too confusing. Can we just go ahead and win the division please?

The Peerless said...

If the Caps get bumped by Carolina, Atlanta, or the Tooth Fairy, that team would replace the Caps in 3rd, and the Caps would drop to 10th (based on current standings), still having to overtake Buffalo (immediately ahead of them with 60 points) and Boston (still in 8th with 61)