Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reputation and Results -- The Caps vs. the Rest of the League

There are a couple of sentences in this morning's article in the Washington Times about Bruce Boudreau that got me to thinking...just how bad have the Caps done outside the Southeast Division under Boudreau?

This is what Corey Masisak wrote...

"...what Boudreau has accomplished in a short span with the Caps is remarkable. This career minor leaguer has transformed them from the worst team in the NHL into a legitimate contender, albeit in a weak Southeast Division."

Well, you know what?...For the reputation the Southeast has as being "weak," it hasn't shown up in the Caps' performance against non-Southeast teams.

When the Caps changed coaches in November, they were 6-14-1. This morning, they are 32-28-8...26-14-7 under Boudreau. They are also 7-5-2 against Southeast teams since Boudreau took over, which -- if our arithmetic is correct -- leaves them 19-9-5 against teams not in the Southeast under Boudreau.

And here is your fun fact for today...

The Caps have at least a .500 record (based on points earned of those available) against every division in the NHL this year but one...

ATL: 8-7-4 (20 points/19 games)
NE: 10-8-0 (20/18)
CEN: 1-1-1 (3/3)
NW: 3-1-0 (6/4)
PAC: 0-0-0 (0/0)
SE: 10-11-3 (23/24)

They certainly will have their chances to improve upon their Southeast record with eight games yet to be played, including the last seven of the season.

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Anonymous said...

Peerless, just not a good game today, hey? The home town boys played to lose. Only scoring one goal and all those penalties -- my goodness.