Sunday, April 20, 2008

Broad Street....uh, what, again?

"I'm pretty sure I was pushed into [Huet]. I was going hard to the net.
I'm sure I stopped at the top of the blue [crease] and got pushed in.
I thought there was some favor in their aspect tonight.
Whether it is me or the black jersey, I'm not sure."

-- Scottie Upshall

"Their whining certainly helped, I guess..."
-- Danny Briere

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Their coach has complained
since the start of the series on that stuff. And then
they get two power play goals, and that ends up
being the difference in the hockey game."

-- John Stevens

Hey, find it surprising you're being whistled for penalties? You've been doing it all year:

And do note, there is more of a gap in PIMs between first-place Philadelphia and second-place Carolina (288) than between Carolina and last place New Jersey (209). Philly is more than a little acquainted with the penalty box.

This won't be easy, though. The Flyers are 16-2 in playoff series when holding a 3-2 lead. They lost in 2000 to New Jersey after holding a 3-2 edge in games, and before that in 1988... Washington.


Joe said...

Uh huh, but Kozlov being pushed into Biron and getting an interference call during Game 4 gets no mention I suppose?
And the phantom call on Federov yesterday, as well as the review of the goal at the end of the 5 on 3 that kept us shorthanded.
Yea make yourselves martyrs boys, because all the calls have gone the Caps way throughout the series.

Dylan said...

Ben said...

Wow, this is nowhere near as much whining as Boudreau has been doing this whole time.

nam said...

I really like that picture Dylan! I have seen Upshall embellish quite a bit in this series, he is quite the crybaby as well!

Scai said...

The Flyers are joking. In Saturday's game there was one penalty on each side that shouldn't have been called. The one on Fedorov on the Caps' side, the one on Upshall on the Flyers' side. In game 4 the reffing heavily favored the home team and the Flyers know that. They just want everybody to get a good laugh.