Wednesday, April 16, 2008's not a goalie series

Not based on save percentages, anyway...

...but, with all due respect to the way Cristobal Huet played down the stretch, did someone know something up in Montreal?

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Shaggy said...

I am watching this series with equal parts
1)revulsion - seeing those twerps Briere and Hartnell taking liberties with Huet
2) disbelief - can they really sustain this level of poor play through the series?
3) optimism - or conversely, there is no way they can play this bad 4 games straight. These PP pucks have to start going in, Philly's D starts to fracture (ala Timmonen?), Huet stands on his head, etc.

I dont think Bouds is being outcoached - but our guys are being outexecuted.

Briere needs a pasting. My daughter could do it - why can't Erskine or Jurcina?