Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post Season Analyses...They're Everywhere!

In this interlude between the end of the Caps' season and the draft, your Caps' bloggers have been hunkered down, going over the year and providing their own season-in-review summaries for Caps fans. Have a look...they're really good (except for that doofus who writes about "the tens")...

Japers' Rink "Rink Wrap"

On Frozen Blog "Top 10 Story Lines"

A View from the Cheap Seats "Season in Review"

Bleatings from a Caps Nut "Season Wrap Up"

In Ahead of the Play "Roster Review"

Caps Blue Line "State of the Team"

...and of course, our own "the tens" (more of which is coming, honest)

If we're missing anyone, let us know, and we'll update this list.

Happy reading, Caps fans.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Peerless.

The wealth of info and opinions available to Caps fans is truly fantastic, and that much supply and the quality and depth thereof says a lot about the demand.

JP said...
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JP said...

Err, that first comment was me. My bad.

Rob said...

Hey Peerless!

Great job as always.

I've been doing some post-season recaps, but not in the traditional sense. And I've got more things planned for the off-season too!