Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Special Happy Mothers Day to All You Hockey Moms Out There

It's that day when we honor that most important person in our lives -- Mom. And what more special mom is there (well, other than your own) than a hockey mom?

Here's a place just for you hockey moms out there.

In case you're looking for some do's and don't's as a hockey mom, you could start here.

If you're wondering if you, or someone you know, is a hockey are some ways to spot one.

If you are looking to become one, yourself, here's a guide for the rookies.

And if you're looking for stuff to announce to the hockey world that you are a hockey mom, are some accessories.

For all you moms out there -- the hockey variety or not...

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HockeymomVA said...

Thanks for the recognition of all of us Hockey moms out there. I got a hat trick today for mom's day- couldn't ask for a better present!
Check out my blog for new hockey moms and female fans: