Saturday, July 26, 2008

And they're done...well, not

Shaone Morrisonn signed a one-year contract today for $1,975,000. That is the last of the major signings for the club for the summer, it would appear, and solidifies what would be the roster for the 2008-2009 season.

Well, not exactly. The deal leaves the club over the salary cap insofar as the likely parent roster is concerned:

What it means is that the club is either going to be having Brian Pothier and/or Chris Clark on the shelf, or the Caps are going to be trading off someone.


bradley said...

Pothier's already on the shelf, GMGM confirmed that weeks ago.

That said the Caps do have a big issue in that they cannot (currently) afford Alzner on the team. Salary will have to be moved around even with Pothier on the shelf; possibly Clark to LTIR, or Brashear traded, or Fleischmann/Gordon waived, or Fleischmann/Jurcina waived, or Gordon/Jurcina waived, etc.

That or Lepisto just has to outplay Alzner at camp.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

Given the salaries some of the UFA Defenseman signed the deal seems fair even just on ShaMo's +/- numbers and his TOI numbers. Also his fan appeal would be factored in and I'm sure his agent had pics of everyone who ever wore a # 26 jersey to a game last season.

This is a fair deal. The guy who is probably a little overpaid right now is Nyls - but only a little. As for expecting Federov to take less than $4M a season next year dream on. If Sergei has a similar positive impact this coming season as he did after he joined the Caps and in the Playoffs, which is what we want to have happen - he'll rightfully looking for the same 6+M he made in Columbus.

The facts are this is what happens when you have a salary Cap and a talented team. Be thankful that's the situation here in DC now. I can't wait for the season to start. Yes there will now be some additional moves as a result of the ripples this puts on the pond.


DMG said...

@ Bradley:

I think if Alzner's ready to go the team demotes/waives Erskine and Fleischmann and if he's not (or they just want him in the AHL), they send him down and get more than enough cap space.