Tuesday, July 01, 2008

High Noon (ching...ching...)

It's gettin' to be about high noon in these parts, and that means...

Free agents. Lots of 'em...could be seven by my count...








Sure, some of 'em are restricted, and some of 'em get qual-ee-fied, and maybe some of 'em get ar-bee-tration. But hey...ya gonna sign 'em, Marshall?

"I've got to. That's the whole thing."

Well...if'n ya don't...

No pressure, eh?


Flying Cloud said...

Is it possible to make the finals this season without Federov? I doubt it. True, we seem to have centers galore (assuming Laich is signed and Clark and Nylander stay healthy), but they won't carry the cup if they can't carry the team, and none of them are heroic figures. They need 91. As for goaltending, come the day, the honor may fall to our backup in net -- Huet let in one too many in the playoffs. If he signs, we should not become over-confident. In any case, a Caps fan has to be patient.

DMG said...

@ flying:

Clark is a right wing, who can switch to the left if need be. He can't play center at the NHL level.

Flying Cloud said...

Thank you, dmg, you are right.