Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Years Ago Yesterday...A Great Day in Caps History

Well...maybe. It depends on your perspective. On July 30, 2005, a fellow with nothing but a keyboard, a passion, and a song in his heart (or maybe gas) decided to start a blog on the Caps.

Here is its first ever entry into the blogosphere.

It isn't much.

We started this as the next step from the game day sketches we used to post on The Official. An example... (you'll note it's fiction -- Mike Grier scores on a breakaway).

It's been a lot of fun (and no, we're not done yet), and we have a lot of people to thank, most notably our readers and fellow blogging wizards. They keep us honest with the facts and challenge us with their opinions (including The Boss, who apparently checks in from time to time). We have to thank the Caps, for giving us a lot to work with over the past three years -- the trials, the tribulations, the triumphs.

We don't pretend to be deep, and we don't pretend to be a journalist (we don't even pretend to be "we"'s just The Peerless here). We just write as a fan -- frustrated from time to time, happy occasionally, looking for something to do at 3 a.m. when last night's pepperoni and double cheese is exacting revenge.

We hope you'll keep reading us, as well as our fellow wizards, who you will find over there on the right. Given the lack of coverage the Caps get (although bless Tarik and Katie at the Post, and Corey and Tim at the Times, and others on the local beat for doing a great job in a tough place to cover hockey), those blogs over there are some of the best info you'll find on all things Caps.

Thanks, everyone.


JP said...

Happy Blogiversary, Peerless.

Three years... that's forever on the 'net. As a loyal reader, thanks for the commitment and excellence.

The Peerless said...

right back atcha, Rinkmeister...

Gustafsson said...

Gotta love when you miss your own birthday, eh?

Congrats and happy belated birthday. All of us at OFB enjoy your work.

The Peerless said...

At my age, I'm just thankful I remember to wake up.

zelda said...

Happy blog birthday, Peerless. We regular readers are grateful that you're willing to share your insights with us. You might not hear from us, but we're out here and appreciate what you do. Caps fans are lucky to have so many literate, well-informed bloggers. I guess this reflects the town we live in as well as Ted Leonsis' encouragement of the "new media."

Lisa said...

Thanks for being smart and interesting and your writing is something to savor. DC would be a veritable hockey wasteland without bloggers like you so please keep it up and know you're appreciated.

Doug said...

I echo the compliments. Your URL is bookmarked as one of my favorites. We are very blessed every in the National Capital Region to have such a great set of super bloggers.

There is no reason to doubt the power of the blogosphere. What's the difference between you and Corey & Tarik? Other than you don't work for the Times & Post respectively, there is none. You are every bit as good a writer.