Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In case you haven't been at training camp..."lines"

The Peerless does not spend an inordinate amount of time fretting about forward "lines," thinking the concept of fixed lines is a bit of an anachronism. They get mixed up with some frequency these days, unlike the days of yore when lines had signature names. But if you've been at training camp this week, you might know that as night follows day, the comparatively settled nature of the forwards part of the roster is being followed by some indicators of what the forward lines will be -- and perhaps who is sitting on bubbles...


These lines have been getting a fair amount of work together. That leaves Donald Brashear, Boyd Gordon, David Steckel, Eric Fehr, and Matt Bradley to fight for fourth line spots (assuming the Caps carry 14 forwards and there are no displacements by youngsters like Chris Bourque, Quintin Laing, Francois Bouchard, or Mathieu Perreault).



CapsKremlin said...

I actually have a great deal of faith that Nylander will elevate Flash's game.

gsx capsfan said...

Brash is a lock for a spot on the 4th. Also, I think Steckle is as well. As for who will be the RW of the pair, that's up in the air. Though I would lean towards Fehr.

bradley said...

I don't see how Brash could be considered a "lock" for more than a dozen or so games where he'll be needed for fighting. Signing Bradley to a 3 year extension was a sign that Brashear's role is diminishing. Brads will probably play more games than Brash, and if they're both needed then Steckel or Gordon may sit (or even Fleischmann if some juggling takes place).

As for Fehr, he's probably got to unseat Kozlov or Fleischmann (again, if some juggling takes place). If Alzner makes the team there's no other way, and even if he doesn't there may be some trimming in order to build a buffer of cap room.

Anonymous said...

At this point, after what I've watched, I would start Alzner in Hershey where he will get a ton of minutes, and with Lepisto and the rest form a very good defense with great prospects and solid veterans. I agree with what Bradley says in that there will be some shuffling in the beginning on the 4th line, and I think that Fehr will be with the Caps, he would never get through waivers. I love Laing, but at this point, he is what he is, which is a defensive PK specialist and a great depth player, I hope he makes it through waivers. I can't wait for tonight, even though it's preseason, it's hockey!!!

DMG said...

In my view, the first line (Ovechkin-Backstrom-Kozlov) is set, so those three are of the board. I personally tend to favor having a checking line and I think the Capitals could build an amazing one with Laich, Fedorov, and Clark because those three are all good defensively and have enough offensive talent that they could play on the second line. That would leave Semin and Nylander for line two, and sticking Fehr or Fleischmann on the right wing would provide them decent help and given either Fehr or Fleischmann a chance to play on a line with offensive upside. I'd personally lean towards Fehr since I think he has more upside and is a more physical player. So, I'd prefer to see:


Anonymous said...

Maybe Flash's line will come out after Ovies, and since Ovie never seems to get off the ice its really like Flash wont be playing much at all?

Otherwise unless Flash has changed I don't like him as one of the top 12. Great 13th guy though.