Friday, September 19, 2008

Want to adopt a hockey team?

Nice team, semi-housebroken (ok, not housebroken), does not take to strangers easily, looking for new home.

That is the situation in which the AHL's Philadelphia Phantoms find themselves. Since the Wachovia Spectrum is going to be torn down (if only 'twere true of the rest of Philly), the Phantoms need a home. According to this article in the Philadelphia Daily News, the Phantoms might have to leave Philly altogether.

Imagine...the Allentown Phantoms...

...the Camden Phantoms.



JP said...

I'll be honest... I could live with the Baltimore Phantoms.

wittcap79 said...

Nah, let 'em sweat it out a couple more decades like DC did for a MLB team.

Anonymous said...

The Piney Branch Phantoms