Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Everything Happened So Suddenly"

As noted in Beyond the Blueshirts, that is how Jaromir Jagr described the tragic events that unfolded on Monday that ended in the death of 19-year old Rangers' prospect and Avongard Omsk right wing Alexei Cherepanov.

There will be the usual calls for an investigation into such an untimely and unforeseen occurrence. There will be the usual bureaucratic language and behavior that attaches to these kinds of things, and whether any sense will be made of it, whether any improvements that can prevent its reoccurrence, whether anyone will be held accountable for this young man's death is fodder for another day.

Today, a young man who should be skating on a road trip with his teammates isn't. That a young player few fans in North America have seen play, and fewer know, should inspire expressions of sorrow and loss these past two days teaches two things -- hockey binds us, and life is short.

Rest in peace, Alexei.

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TJ said...

Well said, Peerless (as usual).