Monday, November 10, 2008

Creatures of a changing routine

Most folks are creatures of routine. Those of us who don’t pull on a sweater and earn our living on the ice usually wake up, pour a cup of coffee, read the morning paper (or Google the news), drive to the train station or the bus stop or to the office, then settle in for a day on the job.

We can’t imagine athletes are any different. In fact, athletes might be more creatures of routine than thee and me. Stories of superstitions and ritual abound in the athletic sphere, but perhaps there isn’t anything more complicated than how one arranges his locker or puts on his equipment.

There are routines fans see every night at the rink, too. It all starts with how the team makes its entrance – the starting goaltender leading his club onto the ice. For a decade in MCI, now Verizon Center, the starting goaltender for the Caps on more nights than not wore the number ’37,’ and turned left as he stepped onto the ice.

Tonight, that goaltender will wear the same number, but for another team.

And, he will turn right.

Things, they do change.


Flying Cloud said...

It's a sad, sad day.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and to those fans imploring a Cap – any Cap – to hit Martin St. Louis?..."
Ahhh, so you heard me yelling. I live for the moment that someone, anyone please!, turns that Little Snot into a greasy spot along the boards. [sigh]