Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not a smile in the bunch

We thought we'd mosey on over to practice this morning to see how the morning after a poor effort would be rewarded. It went pretty much as we thought it might...skate, skate, and skate some more. There was a minimum of "down time" to lean in and see what Coach Boudreau had for the next drill. There were a lot of whistles (to start guys on the next round of drills) and a lot of barking (from the coach).

There weren't any smiles, and from where we were, it didn't even seem as if there was much talking among the players. It was just a case of hold your nose, and open wide, 'cuz here comes your medicine.


Joe said...

Well with the electrifying amount of energy the team exerted last night, can you blame BB for being pissed off?

Flying Cloud said...

Peerless, It means a lot to have someone like you putting in the effort late at night to report the terrible truth. Thanks for your efforts. We all know that a Caps fan has to be patient, and that the season is young. It was a bad show, but it was a message too -- and you can take your pick -- 'Ovi, come home!' or, 'Trade me! Trade me, now!' or, 'Semin, it's bad luck to rag on Crosby!' or, 'We WANT to come from behind, it's more storybook that way.' These guys need to believe in something. Luckily, the coach is used to working with youngsters and will eventually whip them into shape, but I hope they get back to the fun and games that we all enjoyed at practice (and in some of the games, for that matter) last season -- it's better that way, for everyone. It is after all, a GAME. Easy to forget that.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

@ flyng cloud - who do you think is saying "Trade me! Trade me, now!" Also personally I can't wait for the next Penguins/Caps Game - Semin's right on frank comments will be motivators for both teams. Instead of the usual very good game, it should be a great game to watch.

Flying Cloud said...

Dear Usually Frustrated Caps Fan,
In the words of the great P.G. Wodehouse, some appear gruntled, if not actually disgrunted yet -- otherwise, why would they revert to playing by themselves instead of cohesively, with a team mentality and a plan? Also, I too savor a strong rivalry with the loathsome Penguins, and it seems to have dropped off of late. Like many oldtimers, I'll never forget the historic multiple OT playoff game. But great rivalries are based on great contests, not adolescent whining. Semin normally avoids media contact, and quietly plays his game -- just my opinion, but he should continue to do so.