Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick!...Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance

Oh, the injustice! One commentator's indignation over last night's events...

"The Caps were engaged from the outset, crashing both the net and the netminder with impunity..."

"It was Michael Nylander early who landed atop Lundqvist, and it was Alexander Semin later who barreled into him, an act egregious enough to prompt the goaltender to chase referee Dan Marouelli when no call was made."

"It did not help when Tom Poti scored the 2-0 goal less than a half-minute after Semin had crushed the King on his crown, sending the puck into the net after one of the pegs had come off its moorings. The decision by video review in Toronto to allow the goal to stand was as questionable as Marouelli's decision not to penalize Semin."

"It was pretty clear that a penalty should have been called. It was also pretty clear that the Caps had little regard for the Rangers' ability to deter such behavior..."

No one does "we wuz robbed" like Larry Brooks.


Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

I just checked my copy of Websters and in the entry under "Tool" it says "alternate defination: total idiot" and has an illustration showing Larry Brooks' face.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

LOL sorry about the misspelling of "definition"....LOL maybe I'm a tool too...but at least I don't put out there as often as Larry...hey Lar any more good trade rumours around - I hear Carey Price thinks Montreal doesn't deserve him and wants to move...LOL

Anonymous said...

Larry's big problems here are:

1. He doesn't understand rule 78.4 and is incorrect about the peg being out of the hole. To wit:

"The goal frame shall be considered in its proper position when the flexible peg(s) are still in contact with both the goal post and the hole in the ice. The flexible pegs could be bent, but as long as they are still making contact with both the hole in the ice and the goal post, the goal frame shall be deemed to be in its proper position."

If the peg's in the hole, you must call it a goal.

2. He disregarded any crease-crashing by the Rangers, which there was plenty of. Johnson was crashed by two Rangers simultaneously at one point.

All in all, classic Brooks, again showing that not only is provincialism not limited to small markets, it positively thrives in big ones.

- Empty

DMG said...

The WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance? That's amazing. I'll have to remember that for when I have kids.

I'm will anon/empty - man is it ever obnoxious when crap journalists and commentators think they know the rules better than the guys who make a living doing it.

HotDog88GT said...

As I've been reading about more and more lousy sports writers, it's becoming more and more evident that jouralism as a whole is going right in the tank.